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Lilikoi Facial Oil 2 oz

Lilikoi (Passion fruit) seed oil has been used for centuries. Known for its night content of vitamin A it’s a wonder oil when it comes to your face.

Good for all skin types, especially sensitive and acne prone skin.

Lilikoi Seed Oil Benefits: Helps to promote sell turn over causing smoother skin.

Can soothe irritated skin, and reduce inflammation. This is especially good for acne prone skin or for scarring from acne.

Infused with Hibiscus has potent antioxidant properties, maintains collagen levels, enhances skin elasticity, and reduces wrinkles. It can also help with sun damage.

Scented with Lilikoi Essential Oil which not only smells amazing it add extra benefits to this oil.

High in antioxidants, Passionfruit Oil is a wonderful choice for skincare due to its toning, cleansing, and hydrating abilities

To Use: pump a dime size amount into hand and emulsify. Pat the oil into the skin, paying special attention to the areas around your eyes and mouth.

Lilikoi Facial Oil

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