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Pursue Wisdom.. Learn and know well. 

'Ike Loa Candle Co. is committed to bringing only the best products into your home. Our philosophy is that we, as people should always be learning, looking for new knowledge and pursuing the truth. 


When we decided to pursue candle making, we knew we wanted to infuse this philosophy into all facets of our business. So we set out on a journey to acquire knowledge of the ingredients that go into making a candle, and how we could make sure that we are only selecting the best. 

Our Wax

We first set out to select our wax. We started this business in 2019 using a proprietary blend of coconut-soy wax.  We thought that was the best wax we could use to make the healthiest candles. In 2022, we learned that soy wax wasn't as good as we once thought it was. So we switched to the absolute best wax you can use for candle making, pure coconut wax. 

Coconut wax burns cleaner and longer than any of the waxes. Coconut wax excels when compared to any other  wax in terms of clean-burning and non-toxic. Longer burn time gives you a better investment for your candle purchase.

Coconut wax is made by a process called hydrogenation - a natural process in which coconut oil is changed to wax. So basically, right from growing to harvesting to manufacturing coconut wax, everything about them is natural. Coconuts are also an easily renewable crop.

All of these amazing benefits make coconut wax sustainable, eco-friendly and the nest wax available .

Many of us know that the unsightly rough top that forms in the wax after a burn on a soy candle are completely natural. This is a byproduct of using soy, and completely natural. It still doesn't make it pretty. Coconut wax delivers a smooth top when poured, and continues to be smooth after each burn, giving a pleasing aesthetic. Healthy doesn't have to be ugly.

Our Wick

When it comes to wicks, we soon found out that they are not all created equal. After months and months of testing, we procured the 'Ike Loa Candle Co. wick. We wanted to make sure our candles burned slow, gave an even melt pool, and didn't mushroom or cause soot. We knew we wanted something that was going to give our candles the best hot throw, because who doesn't want a candle to small amazing?! We choose a hemp braided wick.*It gives our candles a good stable burn and its also eco friendly and doesn't cause pollution. 

Our Scents

Candles burn in your home, your sanctuary, where the people you love live, and where the pets you adore live; we needed to make sure we searched for clean ingredients. We looked at scents and looked at what the content was. We knew we wanted our candles to smell good, but not at the expense of our health. There are lots of NO's on our scents. We knew we didn't want any animal derivatives, no phthalates, no carcinogens, reproductive toxins, organ toxins, acute toxins and no antimicrobials. What we learned, is there were hundreds of other things we didn't want in our scents either. We didn't want any chemicals that are harmful to humans or our fur babies. So we searched for how to make amazing scents without the nonsense. We use clean scents and essential oils to make our fragrant candles. 

All of our scents are free from all of the products on the California Prop 65 list. 

The entire list can be found here.

Our Promise

At 'Ike Loa Candle Co., we are committed to pursuing knowledge, learning and knowing well. We promise to continue learning, and continue searching, so that we can continue to bring our Clients the best. We want you to know that we take great pride in bringing the very best ingredients in to your home. We are committed to luxury, sustainability, and self care. Our promise to you, is that we will always search and research everything before bringing it to our platform. We are also humbled by our Clients input. Knowledge comes from all sorts of sources, and we are all ears when it comes to feedback. If you have an idea or comment on how we can make your candle experience better, please drop us a line. 

Until then, live life clean!

*Please note that hemp wicks are not to be consumed or ingested as they are only for candle burning. Removing the hemp wick from a candle will not produce any amount of THC. 

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