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Lava Rock Diffuser Kit

What’s included:

Vessel (white or black)

Lava rock

Diffuser Oil in your choice of scents

How to use: layer lava rocks into vessel half way.

Add 2-4 drops of oil, then layer rocks to brim of vessel. Add another 2-4 drops of oil. Wait for 1 hour for smell to permeate. Add more as desired.

Please note this does not take electricity or water. As such, this will not compete against an electric diffuser. This is perfect for smaller areas like a desk, bathroom, horse stall, locker, camper/trailer, bedside, or any other small area. It’s also natural, and you can control how much or how little scent you want. It’s perfect for people with scent sensitivity, homes with animals or smaller children.

Lava Rock Diffuser Kit

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