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Da Kine Collection- Candles

Bring some aloha into your life with the scents of our Da Kine Collection. This collection is made as an ode to Hawai’i and the scents that are familiar to the islands.

With crisp florals, earth greens, fruity explosions and woodsy aromas, there is something in the collection to please everyone.

Scents in this collection:


Pikake : Notes: Hawaiian Jasmine, Musk

Puakenikeni: Notes: Puakenikeni

Gardenia: Notes: Gardenia

Hawaiian Ginger: Hawaiian Ginger, Sugarcane

Plumeria + Awapuhi (Hawaiian Ginger) : Notes of Plumeria, Sea Salt, Awapuhi, Sand


Road to Hana:Notes: Bamboo, Rain Water, Moss, White Tea, Tropical Greens

Mauna: Notes: mountain Air, Sea Salt, Sea Salt, Light Musk


North Shore: Notes: Sea Salt, Ocean, Musk

Hanalei Bay: Notes: Ocean, Sea Salt, Jasmine, Amber, Musk


Ikaika:Notes: costal wood, musk, amber, sand


Guava + Pineapple:Notes: Guava , Pineapple, Plumeria

POG Mimosa:Notes: lilikoi (passion fruit), Valencia oranges, guava nectar, sugarcane, champagne.

Taste of Aloha:Notes: Lilikoi (passion fruit), Pineapple, Caramel, Toasted Coconut, Caramel


Macadamia Chai Latte:Notes:Coffee, Heavy Cream, Crystallized Sugar, Macadamia Nuts, Chai

Da Kine Collection - Candles

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