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Hot Apple Toddy

Note Profile: 

Top: Apple, Cinnamon, Orange

Middle: Bourbon, Coconut, Butter

Bottom: Maple, Vanilla


PSL + Coconut

Note Profile

Top: Pumpkin, Prange Peel, Cinnamon, Nutmeg

Middle: Pimpkin, Clove, Black Tea, Coconut

Bottom: Vanilla, Graham Cracker


Crisp Apple

Note Profile:

Top: Lemon, Pear, Hyacinth

Middle: Apple Blossom, Lilac

Bottom:Sandalwood, Violet, Amber


Brandied Pear

Note Profile:

Top:Cinnamon, Clove

Middle: Pear, Apple, Apple Cider

Bottom: Sugar, Brandy


Honey Glazed Fig:

Note Profile: 

Top: White Pear, Honey, Green Apple

Middle: Tuberose, Jasmie, Lily of the Valley, Ginger

Bottom: Black Honey, Fig, Ambrette, Violet



Note Profile:

Top: Bergamot, Fig, Dry Helichrysum

Middle: Chamomille, Patchouli, Cypress

Bottom: Birch Bark, Amber, Musk


All Pumpkin Everything

Note Profile:

Top: Butter, Orange Peel

Middle: Pumpkin

Bottom: Vanilla, Spice


Pearls + Cashmere

Note Profile

Top: White Grapefruit, Frosted Pearl, French Periwinkle

Middle:Water Amaryllis, Tea Rose, Cashmere Shea

Bottom: Warm Cedar, Amber Musk

Fal/Winter Collection 35 oz Vessel

Glass Vessel 35 oz.
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